Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Best Job in the Bloody World

I was tipped off to this by NPR this morning. If I had been blogging about travel or scuba-diving or something I might have a chance to actually get the job:

Wanted: one "island caretaker", must be able to swim and willing to move to Hamilton Island in Australia's tropical Whitsundays to begin 1 July. Flexible hours, six-month salary of $150,000 (£75,000), non-negotiable.

Caretaking duties do not, island bosses insist, extend to litter-picking and sieving leaves and other detritus from the pool. Instead, the eventual incumbent will be paid to explore the crannies – both on land and underwater – of the Great Barrier Reef's 600 islands, reporting back through a fortnightly internet diary with photos and video.
That's right. Approximately $100,000 dollars to swim, sail and blog for six months in the Great Barrier Reef.

The BBC reports:
The job is being advertised around the world. Candidates have until 22 February to submit an online video application.

In May, 10 shortlisted candidates and one wildcard, voted for by visitors to the Tourism Queensland website, will be invited to the islands for a four-day final interview process. The successful candidate will start the new job on 1 July.

Mr Hayes says he is expecting thousands of applications: "I'm having to beat my staff off with a stick at the moment because most of them want to apply too."

Sounds just awful, doesn't it? Application information can be found here.


pDogg said...

Awesome vidy mate! Here's a cool rockin' video.