Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Viva Che! Glorifying "Idealist" Murderers

Ericka Anderson has some comments on the late Che Guevera--a cold-blooded revolutionary who signed thousands of death warrants for his political opponents in order to oppose imperialism. Women and children were some of the victims of Che's idealism.

Which reminds me of this post on the Cuban hero.

In any case, this is just another illustration of how out-of-touch with history so many people are, especially in Hollywood, but also in the wider culture. How many Che t-shirts did you see paraded about on your college campus? I guess a Bob Marley shirt seems adequate to me.


Mark Thompson said...

I will definitely never understand the appeal of Che Guevara, even if I do think that sometimes we obsess about his glorification a little too much. The thing I don't get is why he is a better symbol of fighting for what you believe in than someone like Paul Robeson, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi (who was assassinated and is thus an almost perfect martyr), or even Marx himself, not to mention musicians like Marley (and the oft-overlooked Peter Tosh and Lucky Dube)....all of whom fought for what they believed in a manner that was completely consistent with WHAT they believed. I remember going to a pro-Communist bar in DC called the Marx Cafe a few years back and being shocked at just how little of the decor was dedicated to Marx, and how much was dedicated to Che and Mao....as soon as I could, I found an excuse to ditch the people I was with and get out of there. Had the place just been a collection of Daily Workers and homages to people like Marx, Eugene Debs, Robeson, etc., I would have been perfectly content with the place.