Friday, November 14, 2008

Around the Web on November 14th

Well it's Friday, thank God. I'm at the end of some crazy post-election days of deep introspection. The business surrounding prop 8 has me at odds with fellow conservatives, though I'm heartened by many conservatives and liberals agreeing on universal civil unions and the abolition of state-sanctioned marriage altogether.

I've been thinking about the failures of Bush & co. and re-examining my belief in some basic economic philosophies. I've been blogging lightly and haven't written an article this week at all due to burnout and headaches.

So here are some things I've been reading:

Roland Dodds of "But, I Am a Liberal!" defends Lieberman, and makes a strong case for the Dems keeping him in his chairmanships. I agree, for one because it's just the smart thing to do, but also because Lieberman and the centrist DLC are my favorite part of the Democratic Party, and quite integral to its success in winning over moderates.

Check out Michael Lewis's "The End" which details the excesses and stupidities of the Wall Street industry and culture. Amazing. Just disgraceful. Excellent, excellent article.

For fun, read Rashid Khalidi's "Palestine: Liberation Deferred" While I am not politically in agreement with Mr. Khalidi, I thought the McCain camps attempts to use him as a smear against Obama were downright foolish. Christopher Hitchens agrees.

NormBlog has a moment of better Bushiness.

Bob from Brockley has a thought-provoking piece up: "A Land Without People for a People Without Land" and no, it's not what you're thinking...

The Stark Tenet has some good advice for Mr. Obama. On that note, read Ben Stein's piece at the NYT:
CHAMPION ONLY THE SERIOUS IDEAS Don’t sign on to any economic policy proposals without some statistical or theoretical heft to them.
What a novel idea!

If you haven't already, read the late, great William F. Buckley's treatise on legalizing marijuana. He sailed out into international waters to smoke so as to not break the (bad) law prohibiting its use here. Problem was, he forgot to bring any snacks. Big mistake.

Frontline has a documenatary about Afghanistan out that is a must-see.

And over at Slate there is a conservative forum/debate over the future of the movement.

Unless you're Austin Bramwell, in which case you believe in "The Right to Remain Silent" and stay outside of the movement, where, he believes, the only real accomplishments are made.

Oh, and did you hear? Obama may tap Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State? If he really is building up a Team of Rivals, will he offer McCain a job?