Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Conor writes:
I’m much less averse than some conservatives to big infrastructure projects, and I’d particularly like to see high speed rail spring up between various American cities, although I must admit that I’ll always love the drive between Los Angeles and San Francisco...
I'm with him on this one, for a number of reasons. First of all, infrastructure is one area that the government should have some hand in, especially big infrastructure--which is necessary in this big country of ours. Of course it's best when private industry is involved, and when has this not been the case? But to form a really cohesive inter-state infrastructure you need Federal involvement.

I'm also completely in favor of the high-speed rail idea. This country could benefit greatly from rail between cities, coasts...but we simply don't have enough actual rail on the ground to make passenger trains feasible. We need dedicated passenger rails, and to do this, quite frankly, we need government to light the spark. Eventually, I think the rails could not only be environmentally a boon to this country, but economically profitable. I love taking the train when I have the chance. If I could easily and quickly get to say LA or San Antonio or Chicago by hopping a train, I'd do it in a flash. No car repairs. No $4.00 gas.