Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I like Joe Carter and Andrew Sullivan, so when Sullivan starts talking about Christianists, I think he's referring more to the variety of folk that Carter seems to speak critically of in his "Deadly Trappings" series...

I’m sure that somewhere in the three dozen novels that comprise the Left Behind series the Gospel message is presented. But there is something horribly wrong when the greatest story ever told is buried beneath a third-rate tale of the apocalypse.
Couldn't have said it any better myself...it's kind of how I felt about The Passion when it came out. Then again, I've personally boycotted that film, so I admit to never having seen it. Still....

...I think Christianist is a harsh term. So is "theocon." There are some radical Christians out there, but simply lumping a group together based on their religious beliefs is unfair--it's our actions that define us, and our intent. Thus we come by the term Islamist, as they have a specific goal to actually bring about a global Islamic caliphate. Their intent is to dispose of all other religions and forms of government. Their actions are often violent.

Those Sullivan deems Christianist, however, are typically not looking to establish a theocratic state, but rather have some of their cultural beliefs infused in government--can we honestly say that pro-life legislation would usher in a Christian Theocracy? Does a ban on gay marriage truly constitute the sort of radicalism associated with a term like "theocon"? I'm all for gay marriage, but I won't stoop to calling its opponents bigots or theocons. At times they are. Usually, they're not.