Friday, December 12, 2008

Cocaine dealer pardoned by Bush

John Forte, perhaps due to Carly Simon's advocacy, has been pardoned by George W Bush. This despite the fact that he was arrested for smuggling well over a million dollars of liquid cocaine into this country.

Who says celebrity doesn't pay? (actually, I'm not sure anyone said that....)

Taki has this to say:
Now I ask you. Is this man Bush for real? How can someone who keeps talking about family values and is a devout Christian pardon someone whom the book was not thrown at purely because the right--wrong--people asked him to? I know that politicians hold all of us in contempt, but this is so outrageous it would shock good people even in Mexico. I wonder how he justified it? Did he believe that the smuggler thought he was carrying Pepsi but it turned out to be coke?
No kidding.