Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Quote of the day

As I finish up tonight’s blogging with a nice glass of scotch beside me I realize that if I could spend my days and nights like this, alternating between writing longer form political and social analysis and shorter form blog entries, interrupting only to cook good, quality, home-made meals with locally sourced, organic foods and to do yoga, I would pretty much be in heaven.

~Scott Payne

And I would add that yes, that sounds pretty amazing. One symptom, however, of the shorter blog pieces is that I find myself focusing so much more on that format, that I begin to lose the will to write the longer pieces. Of course, that may also have to do with my 18-month old still not sleeping through the night....I find sleeplessness breeds a short attention span. Perfect for blogging--but for longer essays?

Not so much.


Scott H Payne said...

I like to try and alternate between shorter posts, supplemented with longer more searching posts. There tend to be more shorter posts that one is able to pump out, but it's good to sit down and actually work one's way through an issue in long form at least once a week, as well.

Seems to be a nice mix up for readers, having a series of hits that can consume rapidly, but also providing longer pieces for consideration if they so choose.

But when I talk about "shorter form" blog posts, I'm mostly acknowledging that no blog post tends to ever be as extended as something you'd read in a publication like the Atlantic or online at, say, Culture 11, Salon, or Slate.

E.D. Kain said...

Quite right, Scott. I meant to say, also, congrats for your piece over at Culture11. Good stuff. I lived in Canada for a while, though I was too young at the time to really understand or care about the political climate. Still, Vancouver is one of my favorite cities...