Thursday, December 4, 2008

Want ads

Via Culture11

Ross Douthat seeks a favorable resolution to the abortion debate, geopolitical strife, and the GOP's problems with working class voters so that he can happily write about nothing but movies and baseball. (And novels!)

Christopher Hitchens seeks young contrarian intern. Duties include fetching ice (15 minutes twice per day), intimidating fact-checkers (30 minutes per day), and filing pieces published under his byline the previous day (7 hours).

David Brooks seeks bright Ivy League humanities major keen on the life of the mind, long conversations about pop sociology, and a willingness to be mentored into a future star in book publishing or opinion journalism. Benefits: you’re the envy of all other NY Times op-ed interns. Drawbacks: must ghost write one questionably reasoned (though often enjoyable) column per quarter as sop to movement conservatism.

Bill Kristol seeks graduate student in marketing or public relations to transcribe Republican National Committee strategy memos into New York Times content management system.
...and many, many more...