Monday, December 8, 2008


I have to say, when I first started "blogging" at Newsvine I really enjoyed it. Now, not so much, and for many reasons.

Let's see, how about a list?

  1. It's gotten sort of boring. The same old arguments on the same old threads by the same people.
  2. Contrary to number one, the newbies don't help at all. They're typically just a recycled version of the last newbie to come in guns blazing.
  3. It's really not the place to "get smarter" as the stated intent of the site proclaims. Most of the articles on the front page are garbage. I think if one were to take the top ten writers from the site you would lose 90% of the quality there.
  4. Culture11 is better. More original content. You actually do get smarter there.
  5. Blogging is better. There are more options (like videos) and more freedom in general.
  6. The site has gotten slow.
  7. And buggy.
  8. The new comment editor sucks.
  9. The fact that the article editor doesn't even have really any editor features at all is even more sucky.

I'll append the list as I think of more stuff to add...