Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The new face of Islamic terror

Sometimes the images of horrible events are too much to bear. Sometimes our brains simply transcend the horrors, allow us to cope. Seeing the burning buildings in Mumbai, the Indian commandos, the ambulances...it's all almost too much, and so we filter it out. This was the case for me during 9/11. I thought perhaps it was because I was simply too young, too immature, too desensitized--that day felt like a movie in so many ways, one we've all seen played out time and again--but then again, during the Mumbai massacre and hostage crisis, I felt numb again. Part of it was my being on vacation. I turned off the news for a few days. I'm American and have the luxury to do this most of the time, though most of the time I choose not to.

This picture of 2 year old Moshe, whose parents were murdered in front of him, who was found weeping at their bodies, and is pictured weeping at their funeral--this finally drove it home for me. Perhaps this is the face we should think of when we consider the "new face" of Islamic terror.