Thursday, December 18, 2008

The outrage game? Really?

Kyle Smith thinks Parker and Stone should give it up and move on with their lives:
Having nothing left to prove with the show, Parker and Stone would be smart to cast it aside, knuckle down and come up with a full-length feature as enduringly hilarious as Team America: World Police every couple of years instead of spending that time spitballing their way through 28 or so half-hours of hit-or-miss comedy. Like immensely rich versions of your friend in study hall, though, they won't listen to reason: They're signed to produce more episodes through 2011.
Well, I for one am glad they're signed through 2011. South Park is the ultimate hit-and-miss show. I find some episodes utterly repugnant; others boring and silly; and yet every now and then there is an episode that just works on so many levels--from the vulgar potty-mouth to the extremely timely and satiric--that, well, I keep watching.

In fact, I'd say South Park really slowed down around season seven, and had far more misses than hits, but in recent seasons has made a huge resurgence. I mean, the World of Warcraft episode was pure genius--and the "Day Before the Day After Tomorrow" episode was hands down the funniest spoof on global warming I think I've ever seen.

So, I say take the bad with the good. It's not a perfect show, and it doesn't aim to be. It's just self-aware enough to not take itself too seriously, and just smart enough not to devolve into pure silliness.

So it may not be the "graduate-level satire" that the Simpsons is, but it fills a void in TV, between the silly and the serious, and the smart and the stupid, that is altogether its own...and that's something, isn't it?


Mr Kitty said...

South Park completely eludes Kyle Smith and if I had the time I would take to task his argument. But, I would contest your point that SP lacks the Simpsons' "graduate humour". The Simpsons is now the phoniest, unfunny animation on TV. In terms of drama, it now rests on pratfalling and repetitive Homer-centric, over-written garbage. A good example being the movie and, in particular, the spider pig joke. Contrived - and only fit for the audience it initially detested, when it was the greatest show ever..

E.D. Kain said...

Actually the comment about "graduate-level" humor was taken from Smith's article (hence the quotation marks...). I agree, the Simpsons has fallen far from its once lofty perch, but I still enjoy it more or less. I find both SP and Simpsons enjoyable enough, and nothing really has come around to replace either...