Tuesday, December 23, 2008

How do you feel about Felt?

Patrick J Buchanan has little sympathy and much disgust:
Indeed, if what Felt did was honorable, why did he lie and deny it repeatedly when asked if he was leaking to the Post? Why did he lie in his memoir in 1979, when, well into retirement, he emphatically denied he was Deep Throat? Was Felt so noble he could save our republic, yet refuse, to the point of lying in his memoirs, to take any credit?

Answer: Felt knew what he did was dishonorable, corrupt — and unnecessary. For honest FBI agents were steadily making progress toward proving that higher-ups at CREEP were involved in aiding those caught in the Watergate break-in.

Felt had another reason for lying about his role as snitch for the Post. Former colleagues would be disgusted, for his was not only a breach of law, but of faith and trust, a dishonoring of his oath as an FBI agent.

Read the rest. There's always more to the story.


Daniel Stark said...

I don't know, taking on the President, no matter if you're a FBI agent or not, is a tough task to do.

Also, why is Pat Buchanan talking about this subject, I thought he was a Nixon loyalist (so obviously he'd be pissed at Felt, regardless of the circumstances).