Saturday, October 11, 2008

More Videos from Israel

First one, photos and clips of Israel, the "amazing little country." I have a deep and profound respect for Israel, a country that is still in its infancy, but has done so much to create a civil society, an amazing tech center, a dream of freedom in one of the most repressive regions in the world.

People say Israel should "give back" this land to the Arabs. Well, I say it's too late for that, and it's a fallacious argument to begin with. If this line of logic holds than we Americans had better give back our land to the Indians. Brits had best start giving back their land to the Welsh and Irish and Picts. And on and on.

Let's celebrate a society that invokes the best in humanity, as Israel does...the hatred of the pseudo-socialist Left toward Israel is one of the biggest turn offs I have to the liberal movement. It is, in a sense, a reflection of the Left's hatred of America. But there are many liberals who don't buy this, thank God.

This second one is called "Hot Israel"


Eowyn said...

You've knocked yet another one out of the park :) Everything you believe about Israel I also believe, and have ever since cognitive awareness.

As a side note: I've been contributing (as I can) over the past couple of years to this outfit (similar to our own homegrown support-the-troops efforts) --

And as a second side note: I intend to borrow your Israel hotties video in my recent wild-hair attack causing me to want to jab a needle into medieval mindsets -- Muslim or otherwise -- vis-a-vis healthy human sexuality. Cheers! :)

E.D. Kain said...

Thanks, Eowyn. I've added that site to Neo's Links page.

Those are good vids from Israel, aren't they? Gotta love Youtube...

Eowyn said...

Gotta love YouTube? More like, where would we be without 'em :)

Thanks :)

P.S. -- e-mailing The Reynolds after posting this comment. He needs to be aware of you, thinks me.

(After my favorable experience with him vis-a-vis the Canadian Human Rights travesty, I'm at least a known quantity, and won't get lost in the e-mail vortex, hopefully :)

E.D. Kain said...

Thanks, Eowyn. Any exposure from the Instapundit is good exposure...