Monday, October 13, 2008

Punishing the GOP

Andrew Sullivan says it best:

I don't expect the Democrats to be the party of limited government. But any reward for the Republicans after the massive expansion of government power and spending under Bush would be much more fatal. Because it would destroy even the potential for a party of limited government in the future - by ceding the GOP to spendthrift Christianists.
I think it's time the Republicans paid the piper. Obama may actually surprise moderates like myself with some truly centrist policies. I imagine if he goes too far to the Left the Democrats will pay the price. So the question becomes, will Obama transform the Democratic Party into a centrist-minded party, in tune with the modern world (globalization, terror, etc.) but also practical and pro-American-jobs? In other words, can he be friendly to the workers and to the corporations? Reagan and Clinton may be good examples...


The Lizard said...

I am also a moderate independent. But if you think Obama is a centrist you have not been paying attention. Redistribution of wealth is not centrist, it is socialism. Obama has forged ties to the radical left and won the democratic nomination from the radical left wing. Once elected Obama will move to the extreme left of his party. We need to be thinking of punishing all of the career politicians and not one party or the other. When looking at punishing a party we are in trouble. We are no longer looking for the best candidate only revenge. The Bush administration is not running. We need to look at policies and not take revenge on republicans that were not part of the problems. Some were that is for sure. Just like some democrats were. Lets not pass blame but look forward and elect the best people for our government. If it happens to be Obama then fine. But make it for the right reasons. Revenge is not the way to go.

E.D. Kain said...

Once elected Obama will move to the extreme left of his party.

If he does so, and I'm not going to argue, he might--but if he does so then those Leftist policies will result in a Democratic loss of epic proportions in 2010. The Congress will have its new Newt Gengrich (whoever that may be) with a fresh, focused Conservative infusion of new faces and new ideas (which is exactly what Conservatism needs!) Obama will be forced to adopt Clintonian centrist policies.

That's my prediction. And it's not about revenge, it's about necessity.

NYSmike said...

Name exactly one thing Obama has ever done that is centrist. He will be and has always been far left!

E.D. Kain said...


I disagree. He came from the Left and the more reality he faces in politics the more centrist he will become.

Palin is another thing altogether.