Thursday, October 16, 2008

UN update, plus thoughts on multilateralism and the Bush doctrine

Sudan is really just the perfect poster-child for the failed international body that is the United Nations.

One idea of McCain's I really liked (unlike his abhorrent health-care plan) is the idea of a League of Democracies.

I'm not against Wilsonian Multilateralism (or Clintonian for that matter). I'm just against foolish reliance on a corrupt organization that protects genocide while denouncing fledgling democracies. The hypocricy is staggering. Not only that, but I do think that America is in the unique position to be the best leader of such a multilateral foreign policy.

I'm also in favor of regime change when possible, so I guess that means I'm a "neocon" but I do believe government's like Sudan should be toppled for the greater good. I believe in a permanenet democratic revolution of sorts.

Could we blend some version of practical multilateralism with the Bush Doctrine? It seems less and less likely that either way is plausible without some help from the other.

More on this later.

UPDATE: This materialized into a full length piece up at Newsvine.