Monday, October 6, 2008

Tightening the noose

Obama is up 50 to 42 according to Gallup. I don't think the negative campaigning is working. The reason I used to admire McCain was his honor and dignity, and I don't like this new man. He's not the AZ Senator I voted for.

Mike Murphy agrees:

Chuck the hacky and ineffective negative ads and switch to man on the street spots with real people voicing their real doubts about Obama; too weak to stand up to Washington’s mighty special interest cartel or the newly empowered Democratic bosses of the Congress and Senate, too liberal to know how to fix the economy, too inexperienced to handle a dangerous world. On Tuesday, McCain should look into the camera and connect to the 80 million scared and worried Americans who will be watching him. McCain is losing. To regain a chance to win, McCain must run as who he truly is; pragmatic, tough, bi-partisan and ready to break some special interest china to get the right things done in Washington. Fix the message, and you will fix the states.