Thursday, October 9, 2008

My blog has been locked

Blogger has flagged my blog as a potential Spam Blog, which is so ludicrous I can hardly believe its true. First off, this blog is pretty much brand new. I think it's been up two weeks, almost half of which time now as a locked blog.

And of course, there's no way to actually contact anyone at Blogger/Google about this. You just have to wait it out while their mysterious "review" process moves forward...

UPDATE: to get Blogger/Google to review your blog you have to fill out a little form with a CAPTCHA (I even need a CAPTCHA to post now on my own blog) and I did this on Monday and again on Tuesday and then once again yesterday, and now finally a message is popping up when I go to fill it out that they received my review request on the 8th. Yesterday.

"Please be patient...."

Is this a responsible business practice, or the acts of a company that is so monolithic that they have lost sight of the customer service component of what they do. I don't find it acceptable for a tech company to not receive my electronic request the day I submit it. There should not be a 48 turn around when I click a button. The internet is instant.

I love Blogger. I think it's a great platform. But this is a serious flaw in its management.