Thursday, October 2, 2008

Take arms against a sea of troubles....

Arguably one of the greatest qualities Obama displays is his sense of calm. As Andrew Sullivan writes:
I've been amazed by it for over a year now, because I have no ounce of it in myself. But then I like my political leaders temperamentally conservative, so I can be as radical as I like and no harm gets done. Obama's little secret is that he isn't that cool. He's just a nerd with natural Xanax in his blood.
McCain for a very long time had a way of holding himself above the frey, but lately he's sunk beneath it, as partisan, mean, and vindictive as any politician I've seen--as though by embracing the very monsters who destroyed him in 2000, he's had to abandon himself, leave his soul alongside the straight-talk express in that junkyard/scrap-heap of once-honest American leaders. It's a shame.